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The Waaaay-Forgotten-Yet-So-Simple Introduction Post

I'm Syahirah and I'm a Preschool Teacher from Malaysia. I have been manning this account since 2009, and that was because of my obsession with NEWS. I started to know about JE from Arashi actually, but they have managed to suck me in completely after I knew about NEWS. Then, from endless searching of NEWS' members appearances on TV, I came across Yabu Kota's My Everything performance at Shounen Club and poof! my journey as a Hey! Say! JUMP fan started. Suffice to say, that video made me fell in love with his voice and as the years went by, I began to fall in love with the man himself, the one and only, Yabu Kota.

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Kota Kawaii (Winter)


I'm back~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, not officially though, since I have been lurking in LJ and my other social media accounts from the start of this year. I just think I should write something here so that people won't look at this as an inactive account. I'm still here, just keeping myself under the radar because I like it that way. Haha!

That's it for now. Will be back here writing again... that is if I do have anything to write. Jya ne~

Kakkoi Kou-chan (Winter)

Here we go again! Finale~ (LOL)

It’s a little late but WELCOME 2014~~ and hello final year student, Me! (LOL) At last, the moment or better yet THE YEAR that I have been waiting for. Final year!!! Banzai~ Okay now. Let’s get serious! Being a final year student makes me feel… OLD! (LOL) Even though my kouhai-tachi are a lot younger than me, they seem so matured! @.@ They may look innocent and all being freshies and everything but they definitely, absolutely look more mature than their age.

Other than that, being a final year means that I have to start thinking about my thesis or Action Research as we’d like to call it. I still have a LOOOOOOOOONG way to go considering that I only thought of the title so far. Not to mention, I still have to go through the three months practicum at a primary school in order to initiate my action research. I hope that EVERYTHING will go smoothly. I need to focus! This is it. No more playtimes! (Although, I may have to jump in to fangirling world to relax and to release any build up stress. Otherwise, I might never survive! ><)

That's all for now, till next time. Jaa ne~! *^O^*
Kakkoi Kota (Summer)


I am truly sorry for neglecting this LJ for such a LONG time..

Things have been hectic for a while and I can't seem to find the most appropriate time to devote myself into updating regularly than usual..
Unfortunately, I can't promise to write here regularly but I do promise to write whenever I can..I really do!

Lastly, please accept my deepest apologies for this act of negligence..
Kakkoi Kota (Summer)


Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well, it does if you’re a fan of Japan’s rising idol group, Hey! Say! JUMP..^__^..It’s the title of one of their new songs in the upcoming album, SUPER DELICATE. As the title goes, this time I have succeeded in recording two cover versions of Hey! Say! JUMP songs over the weekend..Yay me~! (^^,)..The two songs are Arigatou ~Sekai No Doko Ni Itemo~ and OVER. I have to say that for an ordinary person with no singing talent or whatsoever such as moi, singing these two songs has been a real challenge to both my voice and my breath. All this while I was singing along to them, I always thought that it was easy enough to cover or even imitate. I was wrong I supposed.

Singing Arigatou was REALLY hard as I kept running out of breath during the last chorus line “Wow wow wow wow, I LOVE YOU, Arigatou!” As it was quite difficult to keep a steady breathing during that part, I ended up recording the whole chorus over and over and over and over again! (LOL)..Another thing about Arigatou is that it has many overlapping voice part that I got to do. I especially had fun doing Hikaru’s background voice in the choruses and not to mention Yamada’s part at the last chorus..^__^..After hearing it afterwards, I found out that my voice came out a little different than usual during Yamada’s part. Hmm..I wonder why? (LOL)

For OVER, I was contemplating whether to make the song as a solo one or a group one. In the end, I decided to make it as a solo song anyway. But who knows? Maybe I might overdub it as a group song someday (giggles). OVER was a wee bit easier to record than Arigatou. It’s just that OVER have many silent parts that I needed to give extra attention to because a little mistake from me would spell disaster for the whole project! Well, maybe not a disaster. I was just exaggerating. Sorry! I especially love doing Takaki’s and Chinen’s part in the song and Hikaru’s rap part came out quite as a challenge because..Well, it’s rap and it’s in Japanese. Nuff said! (LOL)

All in all, I had so much fun during the whole recording process. I almost thought that I was a real recording artist at the time (LOL). Recording the two songs made me realized how much effort that I have and can put into doing something that I have decided to do. I also realize how Hey! Say! JUMP has become such a big influence in my life and that within a blink of an eye, has started to affect my feelings ever since I get to know them. From here on, I can proudly say that I am glad I got to know Hey! Say! JUMP and I am looking forward to follow their success in conquering Japan’s entertainment world. JUMP no mina-san, ganbatte~!!!

Kakkoi Kota (Summer)

Sweet & Sour

Happy new year~!!!! It's a bit late though..(LOL)..Anyway, I’m back at school as usual..actually I’ve already got back on the 4th but because I’m too lazy to update at the time so here I am..(Forgive my rambling)..So I’m here again this year..To start a new term and face a whole lot of old and new challenges that this place have to offer..Okay! First, I have to say that the class schedule is a bit of a shock..Only a bit..For this term, we are being teach by some of the previous lecturers and also some new-never-been-seen-before ones..Actually they have been around for a while but we just haven't seen or been taught by them..

In other news, I HAVE MOVED! To a new dorm..It is much, much nicer and cosier than the old dorms..Plus, I got a room on the third floor which happens to be THE TOP ONE! (Sarcastic yay!!!) I wouldn't have to be so bitter if it's a good thing..Looking at the dark side..I have to climb up till the 3rd floor every single day on this year just to get back to my room..And if that isn't bad enough..Our classroom is also situated at the third floor of Anjung Jauhari (that's the name of the building)..Can you imagine the pain that I have to go through here? That’s the dark side..The bright side of it is I now have my own exercise machine..The STAIRCASE! (LOL) my dad says that climbing the stairs is good for my body..This is true because I’ve realized that I’m not panting too much when i climb up the stairs..Other than that, the view from my window is magnificent! The night view to be specific..I’ve never been out at night ever since I’ve entered here..Well, not never, just once and that's it! (LOL) seeing the night view is quiet soothing especially when you have nothing to do other than staring at the night sky and the skyscrapers..I even watched some fireworks displays the other night..How cool is that! ^__^

On the whole, I think that this year is going to be sweet and sour..Because there will be lots of ugly and sour things that will tear my guts bit by bit..And there will be sweet and beautiful things that will help me get through all those tough times that I’ll be facing..(LOL)..I suppose that's it..I promise to write again when I have REALLY EXCITING things going on in my life as this is a very, very boring piece of crap I have written..Till next time..Jaa ne~!

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Kakkoi Kota (Summer)

It's a NEKO-NEKO World

Hai! As the title says..It’s been almost 3 days since we brought back our pet cats from our grandparents house..It sure is nice to have pets again..It’s like a dream come true..^__^..I’ve always wished for this to happen and IT FINALLY DID!! (Laugh) It's not easy at first though..The first day they arrived were a bit of a disaster..There’s this one cat that we named Aaron and she (yes, SHE) couldn't stop meowing..She was too scared we thought..But luckily her aunt Teja was calm all the way..I mean she was quiet..VERY quiet..Only she couldn't stop moving..She roamed the house for quite some time and she even managed to tear the lamp cover near the bookshelves..She was nervous too I suppose..

Alhamdulillah after some time they've adjusted quite well..Turns out that Aaron is actually a very, very pampered cat..How pampered you say? Well, she likes to follow wherever I go..Not all the time but as soon as she sees me she would..And she would rest herself between our legs whenever we sit in the living room..As for Teja, she has found herself the most glamorous place in the house which is IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR..(LOL)..She would rest herself on top of the foot stool in front of the mirror and just stare at people..Well, at us mostly..(Laugh) that's about the update on my cats so far..In case if you're wondering why we name the first one Aaron even though it's a she, it's because of this..When she was born, we really thought that she was a male kitten and so we named him that..Until some time he got a little bigger and got PREGNANT that we realized that he is a she..But considering the latest incident where she tried to attack her aunt from the back..(Bitter smile) yeah, I'm not sure anymore..Maybe she's a transgender..Hmmm..Maybe..

Well, that's all folks..I'll try to post their photos next time..I don't have time to snap one since they are still new to this house..We need them to adjust very, very well so that they won't cause us any major problems..Jaa ne~!

(A little Japanese language lesson..NEKO means CAT) (^^,)
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Kakkoi Kota (Summer)

Akira SHOCK!

eeto....sou! It all started after that one post that my friend posted on my FB wall..(How twisted is this??)

Hmm..That one post is enough to make me depressed for about at least half a year..(Sigh) Here I was looking forward for the next term thinking it could be a little different and a little more exciting than the first one..But alas! All hopes are lost..(BIg sigh) I just hope I could make it till the end safely in one piece..datte atashi SUUUUUUGGOKU ochikenderu yo!

Kakkoi Kota (Summer)

watery eyes..

The sign of sickness and flu-ness (Is that a word?? LOL)

I hope it won't last long~!
I can't afford to be sick at a time like this!
There's sooo much work to be done and lots of events (happy events but depressing for me) that's gonna happen!

[Ya Allah, please give me the strength and health so I can continue doing whatever I am doing right now without much of a hassle]